JRL LAND SURVEYORS in Ivanhoe (VIC) near Heidelberg, Fairfield, Kew

JRL LAND SURVEYORS PTY LTD is a licensed company which specializes in high quality land surveying services. Our dedicated team has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of land surveying related to property development.

We are not limited to a certain size or project, nor a certain scope of work. We specialize in all sorts of land surveying:

  • From a dual occupancy development to a 50 lot subdivision.
  • From the construction set-out of small extensions to the development of ten-storey buildings.
  • From simple advice about property development processes to intricate details on legal matters related to property.
We endeavour to be responsive to the construction industry and to avoid delays during the critical path of a project.


Our attitude is more focused on helpfulness rather than on profit. We are ready to spend more time on a job if we think it will help the client, even though there is no financial reward to us. 

We will explain things in more details to make our clients feel more comfortable about the project. If we suggest simpler ways to solve an issue, it might result in less work for us, but there will be a better outcome overall.


Our prices are competitive, but many people make poor decision by being solely profit driven. 

If you are seeking the cheapest price you will most likely not get the best advice, and the quality of the product and service will suffer.

JRL LAND SURVEYORS PTY LTD serves a diverse range of customers. Having a background in both small and large scale projects enables us to offer our assistance to almost all types of clients requiring the services of a land surveyor.

JRL Land Surveyors 

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